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Sylina Demo

This is an experimental prototype.
Expect the software to crash, the computer to freeze and have to be restarted.
Do not leave other applications running, which may cause damage or data loss.
No guarantee is given for the functionality of the software or correctness of the results.
You install and use the software at your own risk.

The manual describes how to use the program.
In this second demo version, it is possible to save and load circuits.


  1. PC with at least 4 GB RAM
  2. Mouse
  3. Windows or Linux 64-Bit
  4. Current Browser (FF 93, Chrome 95.0.4638.69, Edge 92.0.902.62)


Download for Linux 64 Bit: sylinademo2.tgz
Size: 6397071 Byte
Checksum sha256: 065218a711fc4f3901549ac2b6ab83a13c8c18f23c3eb53c1ea9185c192b08bf *sylinademo2.tgz

Some Chromium browsers have a bug with tgz files and 1. extracts the file during download and 2. doesn't change the file extension.
Therefore in this case extract with tar -xf sylinademo2.tgz or download with another browser or with wget.


Download for Windows 64 Bit: sylinademo2.zip
Size: 11264248 Byte
Checksum sha256: 949fb294ee9c12680e3d5d4d16cc4885678ebffa371e410547e8fcac26285def *sylinademo2.zip

Installation under Linux 64-bit

  1. Download sylinademo2.tgz to a local folder
  2. Open a terminal window in the local folder
  3. Extract the file with tar -xzf sylinademo2.tgz
  4. Use the terminal to navigate to the sylinademo folder
  5. Start the demo in the terminal window with ./RUNSYLINADEMO
  6. Open a browser and connect to the server at localhost:7788
Tested with Ubuntu 18, Ubuntu 20, Debian 10 and Fedora 35 and current Firefox and Chromium browsers.
Ubuntu 16 and CentOS 7 won't run because of glibc.
If your Linux version don't run, I suggest to use wine.

Installation under Windows 64-bit

  1. Download sylinademo2.zip to a local folder
  2. Extract the sylinademo2.zip file
  3. Start sylinademo.exe in the extracted folder sylinademo with double click or from the command line
  4. At the first start, a security dialog appears. See Figure 1
    Do not grant access to/from the networks and cancel the dialog.
    The security settings can be adjusted at any time in the firewall configuration. See Figure 2.
  5. Connect to the Sylina server from the browser through localhost:7788
Tested with Win10 and Win7.
The current browsers Edge, Firefox and Chrome work.
Internet Explorer doesn't work.

Wine on Linux

  1. Download sylinademo2.zip to a local folder
  2. Extract the sylinademo2.zip file
  3. From a terminal, call wine sylinademo.exe in the folder sylinademo
  4. Start the browser normally in Linux and connect to localhost:7788

Figures for windows


Figure 1: Windows 10 security dialog


Figure 2: Windows 10 firewall configuration